Kendallville Indiana Photographer

Early Fall Family Photos in the Garden

Sometimes, preparing for a family photo session can feel downright stressful. You want everyone to match perfectly and the location to be ideal. But, sometimes the best photo sessions happen in the backyard garden. All we needed for these relaxed early fall family photos was a hint of plaid and a few little, fresh fall details.

A little plaid, a little pumpkin… Throw in some cute snuggles, and it doesn’t get any more perfect!

I loved adding the pop of the gold marigolds (right out of the garden!) against the teal and forest greens in their outfits. The shirt colors did not match perfectly, and that’s ok! Having very different shades of the same color is a great choice for a not-too-complicated but still matching look.

I fell in love with this image right away. Sometimes, the in between moments are the ones that steal your heart. Forcing smiles will look just that, forced. Letting kids laugh and giggle together creates real smiles. I encourage families to joke and laugh together during a session.

I can’t remember what her brother said to make her laugh, but it worked like a charm! She obviously looks up to her big brother very much and he knew just what to do to make her giggle.

J was very excited to show off his collection of little white pumpkins. He had picked them out of the garden all by himself. It was a cute little harvest. White pumpkins are a great neutral prop choice. They suggest fall, without adding bright orange into your color scheme. This helps carry these photos through the seasons when they are hanging on your wall or displayed on a shelf.

And, of course it is never a complete photo session without a little sillyness. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is a simple shot of the basket full of goodies.

A session for early fall family photos doesn’t have to be a big ordeal. This simple session in the backyard garden turned out beautifully, with only a few touches. Plaid and fall pumpkins and flowers hint at the autumn season. The laid back outfits and bare feet help keep a cozy, down-home feel. Let’s build your own fall family backyard session soon!

If you are interested in a backyard fall family photo session, please contact me here!