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An Indiana 4th of July in photos

childhood in summer time

The 4th of July is a day our family looks forward to all year. The summer has begun in earnest. Fireworks begin to echo across the lake in the evening. Lightning bugs blink as they flitter across the dusky sky. Can it get any better than an Indiana 4th of July?

boats on the lake

I love the way the boats look as they line up in anticipation. Suddenly, the lake becomes a crowded parking lot of eager on-lookers. Everyone is so excited, that it seems like dusk will never set!

Because northern Indiana is covered in lakes, it is a great opportunity for unique photos. The boats’ lights grow brighter as the sky gets darker. Later, as the fireworks light up the sky they reflect into the lake, making a beautiful watery glow.

sunset on Indiana lake
Waiting in anticipation for the fireworks to begin.

Finally, when dusk sets and the sky is dark, it starts. The way the first booms roll across the lake sets the mood like nothing else can. There are never any disappointed spectators here. The wait is always worth it! Ask anyone, the best fireworks in the USA are right here in small-town Indiana.

Indiana 4th of July

Altogether, an Indiana 4th of July is a tast of summer. It brings back the nostalgia of childhood. It rings of sweet freedom. It reminds me to breathe a prayer, God bless the USA.