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What NOT to Wear to your Family Photo Session


You may use your family’s photo on the annual Christmas card. Or, perhaps you have a large canvas or framed print to hang in the living room. No matter which plan you have in mind for this year’s family photo, choosing the right outfits can be difficult. Since I have seen some great (and not so great…) coordinating family styles in my day, I’ll let you in on a few tips.


My first tip to consider when preparing your family for your photo session, are the colors your family is going to wear. What colors should you not wear?  “Highlighter colors” are some of the worst offenders for a family photo. Remember the yellow highlighter you used in college? Now imagine that color right next to your face. Not so pretty, is it? Instead, think about what shades look best on you. Colors that you feel comfortable with on a day to day basis are the best choice. If you are a neutrals kind of gal, this is not the time to try out the fire engine red dress.



The second tip is to pay attention to the type of patterns your family wears for pictures. Shirts that have designs such as words or drawings can be extremely distracting from a cohesive look. Also avoid bold patterns, as these take the attention away from you and your family’s faces- the most important part of the photo!



Finally, be very aware of how your clothing fits. Choose pieces that flatter your form. Wide, loose clothing items accentuate, and can make parts of the body look larger. Instead, choose items that show off waistlines and necklines to give shape to your body.


If you keep these 3 what not to wear ideas in mind, you can organize great outfits for your family’s photo this year. Most importantly, avoid bright, vivid highlighter colors. Stick with colors that you are comfortable and confident in. Secondly, do not choose patterns that will distract from you and your family’s faces. Simple is always better here. Last of all, avoid clothing that is loose and baggy. Clothes that accentuate your shape will look more flattering in photographs. With these tips, you can be confident in choosing the best outfits for your family’s photo session this fall, and every year after.

Fall sessions are starting to book, so please contact me to see if your preferred date is available. Until then, happy outfit hunting! Can’t wait to see you in your fabulous outfits!